EP500 vs AC200MAX fan noise levels!

Hello guys, I have the ac200max right now in my room and I’m planing to buy the EP500 non pro version, the ac200max fans is really loud the bluetti offical page has all the bluetti products under 50db but the two units have diferent cooling system so if someone know the exact db levels help me before order the EP500.

@Koumkouat After confirming with the technical staff, the noise level with all fans of EP500 turned on is approximately 53 dB (for your reference).

Hi @Koumkouat

What i need to add to @BLUETTI answer. At least for the Pro model, the fans take really long to actually activate and when they run it doesnt mean they all run at the same time. For what i notice, the fan on the back starts first and when you do really heavy work the two fans in the front provide some extra air flow.

For the most usecases, the fans dont spin at all or not noticeable.


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So 2db lower than ac200max, thanks for the info!