EP500 Storage Environment

Hello all. I have an EP500 that I have stored in my garage. I live in Ohio. I have 600 watts (3 - 200 Watt) of portable solar panels and 50 ft cables that I use to recharge the system. I just put the solar panels out on my driveway on good sunny days and go about my day when I want to recharge.

Here is my question. Can I leave the EP500 out in my garage during the winter? It is located off the floor so no chance of it getting wet. The garage is kept clean, so not a dusty environment. I’m concerned about temperature limits. In Ohio, in the winter it routinely gets below freezing (32F) for weeks at a time. It can even get to sub-zero Fahrenheit conditions.

So my question to the Bluetti Tech team and this community, can I store my EP500 in my garage during the winter or do I need to move it into the house?

Any advice is welcomed.

Thank you!

Hi - is the garage unheated? I have my AC200 Max ( and 2 external B230 expansion batteries) in my garage, but it is attached to my house and is heated (approx 57F) but not to the level of my house is. My first winter with it up here in Canada, so I am thinking I shouldnt have any issues. All the best.