Ep500 solar panels

I bought 2 ep500. I plan on running them to produce 240 volts. What is the largest solar panel in wattage and volts should I run? How many panels?

You will need to find the max Voc and Current specs. I can see that each Ep500 has one 1200w input. Where the pro has 2.

If this is similar to the AC300, each MPPT input would have max Voc 150v and 12A. In such case you would to connect as many panels together in series as you can to get close to but not exceeding 95% of 150v. For full sized 60 cell panel, that would be 3 in series (3S). Please check your panel for specs. Do that for each of your MPPT input.

If you still have panel left over, check the typical operating current of those panels in your installed condition. If they are less than say 2/3 of max current (8A), then you can consider adding another set in parallel to make it a (3S2P) for each MPPT input that you have extra panels for. This will exceed the max input current, and is called over paneling. It won’t harm the unit, you won’t get max possible power during high noon with perfect conditions as extra power will be wasted, but will get you more power during less perfect conditions and a wider time range.

The above example assumes max Voc of 150v and 12A input, with panels that at 45Voc. You will need to find the specs of EP500 and your panels to make a similar calculation.

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There is little relation between discharge and charging. The OCV of EP500 is 55-145v, PV input is 1200W max. So you can connect 4-6 PV200 solar panels in series for each EP500.