EP500 purchase. Someone up there loves me!

Due to the technical issue with Kickstarter.com and to protect the interests of all our backers, we have decided to move the launch date of BLUETTI EP500 series by 7 days, the new release date is March, 23rd.



And more time to get your stimulus money and be able to splurge and get an EP500 or two

Question. If I buy 2 how much is the unit to hook them together. I dont see it for sale anywhere of is it included.

May not know about any of the additional accesories (fusion box, transfer switch, AC adapter for dual charging, etc) until the the campaign officially kicks off.

Just read that the Fusion Box will be $109 on the KS campaign page. Starts tomorrow!

Where did you read it? Please post the link for others. Thanks

There is nothing about Bluetti on the Kickstarter sight PERIOD

That is because it is not released until tomorrow

It was on the FB group page.
cost of Fusion Box