EP500 Pro with the new B300S batteries

I saw that the new B300S videos mentioned adapters for using with the AC300. @BLUETTI does this mean that we can use 2 B300S batteries and the same adapter (instead of B300) with each EP500 Pro?

Hi @PowerMat , May I ask where you saw the relevant video?
B300S is only compatible AC500 models, here is the battery pack compatibility list, hope it can solve your doubts.


Thank you for the quick response and sharing the chart. I must have misunderstood, from one of the videos I saw this past week. It looks like AC500 can use the B300 with the adapter but not AC300 using the B300S.

Thank you, the chart is very helpful!

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Does the AC500 connect to the B300 directly or do you have to buy the modified cable called the P150D to P090D ?

Hi @hey , Yes. To connect AC500 and B300, you need one P150D to P090D cable, which needs to be purchased separately.