EP500 PRO Wireless DC charger issue

I have noticed, that if I forget to take of my headset from the wireless charger after a few hours, then the next day when I take it off, it’s completely flat - discharged. The same happened when I had my phone and my headset on 1-1 charger pad, and after a few hours they were hot and totally flat. When I have 1 device on the charger only, and I am quick enough then the device gets charged to some extent. But for a 15W charger I expect a faster charge. Anybody having experiences like this with the wireless charger?

Hi @Bence , May I ask if your phone and headset are Apple’s? If so, did you take off the protective case during charging?

Hi, Yes, Apple. No, I did not take the case off from iPhone, and when I put it on, charging icon appears. And I don’t have any protective case on the AirPods Pro, and when I put it on, it shows briefly yellow, so it gets connected as well. If later the charging connection is still live, that I don’t know at the moment, but will check.

Hi @Bence ,
About wireless charging to Apple devices can not be charged or battery power drop off, this is a normal phenomenon. It is a problem of Apple IOS system mechanism, to protect the battery life into the protection state. If the temperature does not come down, it will stop in the standby state and not charging.

Our wireless charging module can output 15W, but this also takes into account the charging power of the Apple phone and the degree of matching between the two. It also depends on the charging temperature at the time, if the ambient temperature is higher, the power will drop.
We suggest that you can change other devices with wireless charging and try again to see if this situation occurs.

Hi, Overheating and stopping charging is understandable, but discharging to 0 on the charger? Also how is that possible, that a half full Airpods pack battery goes 0 in 2 days on the charger, while not being charged at all it keeps the power for weeks? Thanks

Hi @Bence , This dropout happens because Apple devices turn off the wireless charging function on their own.
We recommend that you put your iPhone or AirPods back on top of the wireless charger after you find that your device is not charging properly.

Hi, Thanks. Maybe patent pending, but a grid surface below the phone, and a ventilator below the charging coil could help reducing the overheating of the devices on the surface of the charger.