EP500/Pro split phase fusion box

I just read that the split phase fusion box will not work with my ep500 plug into the wall, what is going on? Your manual says I need a " AC Input Cable(Optional Purchase)".
Is this correct? Where do I get that cable from? What is the price?

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Hi there,

Usual ac charging cable works for individual EP500. The special cable(L14-30) will charge the whole system. It is not available yet.

Today, I received the Split phase fusion box for my EP500s. To my surprise, two extra cables were included in a separate package. They had white tape on the cable that said “AC Warning: In a split phase system, ONLY the Fusion AC input cable is able to charge the EP500”
Question 1: Is this the correct cables to use in a split phase system?
Question 2: Do I disconnect the AC cable that came with the EP500?
Question 3: The second cable just has white tape with no writing on it, what do you want me to do with It?
Question 4: There is no manual to connect these two cables, where can I find the information?
All the other cables that the manual had listed were included to the box.
Life is Good, Harlan

Hi Harlan,

I’m not quite sure which cable you’re talking. Could you please provide the cables’ picture?

Here is a picture of the cable, there are two of them.

Thank you for your picture.
Please read the manual, and you will know the answer.

I have this same issue.

The manual says to use the “optional fusion input cable” which we don’t have. All we have are 2 ac cables that look like the regular ac charge cable that comes with the unit, except these cables have a long white tag attached.

I put my units into fusion mode, and connected these white tag cables to both units and to the grid, and my slave unit gets an input error.

How are we supposed to charge these units from the grid without this “optional fusion input cable” is the main question. I know solar works while in fusion mode, but how can we grid charge with the cables provided?

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That answer is not helpful and rude, telling me to read the manual! I read the manual and there is nothing about the two extra cables. Look at the picture again and then show me where it is in the manual. On page 2, it does not show any picture of the cables, unless you think that those cables are the input cables. The ends are different if you look at the picture !
Now help us, do not insult us.

@hey Sorry for the inconvenience.
Because the cable you mentioned is more than one. For your 4 questions, I’m not quite sure which cable you mentioned is. Would you mind providing all the cables’ pictures? It would be much better if you could note that which cable is for question1 or 2 or others.

I sent you the picture of the extra cable. There are two of them. Are you just stalling your customers by asking for picture after picture? This will not help your reputation and I will not buy anymore Bluetti products because of the way you treat your customers after the sale! Please get help with people that know the products !

That is the picture. These cables came with our units in a separate package. These cables are not in the manual. The questions we are asking again:

  1. What is the difference between these cables and the charge cable that comes with the EP500?
  2. The manual, which you told us to read, does not mention these cables at all. What are we supposed to use these cables for? When, and in what specific situation are these cables used?
  3. The manual says to only charge the units in split phase mode with the “optional fusion input cable”, which we don’t have, and does not exist to purchase. How are we supposed to charge a split phase unit from the grid without that cable?
  4. If the provided cables are for split phase charging, are we supposed to stop using the AC charge cable that came with the EP500 and use the cables in the picture for all scenarios, even when not in split phase, or just for split phase, meaning we have to swap charge cables when we are not using split phase?

Please ask your technical/management team for specific answers on this. We need to hear from a person that is familiar with split phase charging, and specifically, a person who knows ** why ** these cables are included with our 2 EP500 sets.

Thank you for asking the same questions in a nice way. Each time I have a problem with any of my Bluetti products, they will ask for pictures after picture. I will now keep my camera ready !

I know what is missing because I ordered two AC300 units with a Fusion box for my home. I read my user manual and saw the same problem. It is too long to explain here, so write me to my email address rayramirez@prtc.net and I will give you the steps to solve your problem . I am a retired Electrical Engineer so I will not charge you for my consultation.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Here are the answers.

  1. The cables you shown in the picture are used to connect the fusion box with the EP500s, especially when you need to use some powerful devices.
    The charging cable that comes with the EP500 is used to charge the single EP500 through the wall.
  2. You can use them when you need to use some powerful device (available in ratings to 20A, allowing for 240V when supplied by split-phase power.)
  3. Yes, the optional fusion input cable is now not available. If you haven’t this cable, you can not charge the split phase unit.
  4. The provided cables are not for split phase charging. The cable (L14-30) is for split phase charging. You should stop the AC charging cable that came with the EP500 when using the L14-30 cable to charge the whole system. If you charge one EP500, you just need the AC charging cable that comes with EP500.

@BLUETTI , please paste the link to purchase the L14-30 Fusion cable.

Also, is it mandatory to charge both EP500’s in fusion mode at the same time, or can you charge them at separate times using the regular AC cable that comes with the unit.

After looking at the original cables that came with the EP500 and comparing them with the cables that came with the Split Fusion Box, the difference is that the wires are bigger and handle more current!
That is the answer.

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@misterrandy Thank you for asking. L14-30 cable is not available yet, we will keep posting the updates.
Yes, two EP500s will be charged at the same once you connect L14-30 cable with them. Please disconnect the fusion box, and them charge EP500 with the regular AC charging cable because you haven’t the L14-30 cable now.

As I suggested to you by email, you can fabricate your own L14-30 Fusion cable by cutting off the NEMA plugs on the two AC cables , then attach them to a L14-30 male plug. Or if you wish to keep the two original cables intact, fabricate an adapter by attaching two 30/3 cables to the L14-30 male plug then attach two female NEMA sockets, one to each of the cables. Then just plug the two original cables to this adapter.

Write to my email posted above for details.

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Thanks @Raymondjram for the detailed email instructions. That looks like a good fix until the official plug comes out.

I fond another cable that will solve the need without having to wire up. It is a power cord that was included with my 7.2 kW tri-fuel Firman generator.

This power cord has the required L14-30 molded plug at one end and a molded box with twin duplex outlets, each side wired for one half phase, and with twin 20 A circuit breakers. This is a Fiman part number 360457024 “Short Power Cord” which may be available from a local Firman dealer or supplier. This is a solution for those who cannot wire up my posted instructions, or prefer to buy a UL listed manufactured cord.

You may also ask for a similar cord at any power generator supplier.