EP500 Pro Max grid input setting

I received my second EP500 Pro today and was running thru the settings to see how they matched up. The first one I got has been running at 10A setting and the second one came to me set at 15A. I tried to switch the one to match the other at 10A and it will not let me do it in Basic mode even though it lets me enter the setting. And of course Advanced mode wants a conversation with @BLUETTI to occur before I get a password I guess. So, here is my request for help.

Hi @MikeD , I have asked the support department to follow up on your question about needing a password, and I’m very sorry that we don’t have the authority to provide this to you.

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I appreciate the help. I understand the need to be careful with some settings so customer’s don’t hurt themselves or others unnecessarily.


I don’t have the EB500 but both unit should be charging at the same amperage. Tbe original AC charge cables have 14 AWG wires which is safely limited to 15 A, so if you need to charge at a higher amperage, you need to buy or fabricate two new charging cables up to the EB500 limit, which I believe is 30 A, and that means 10 AWG wire.