EP500 Pro Firmware Updates

On my EP500 Pro it is looking for an ARM Update going from V.4034.03 to V4034.09 and a DSP Update V.4033.05 to V4033.12.

Has anyone done these firmware updates or any updates and did you have any problems?

Does anyone know what ARM, DSP, and IOT mean?

I believe the DSP is Display but not sure.

The procedure I was looking at using was charge unit to 100%, pull both AC, PV, and L14-30 cables, have no appliances plugged into the EP500 Pro and use the Bluetti App with both Internet and Bluetooth connected, but upgrading through the Bluetooth connection.

Is there a better way to do a firmware upgrade?

Thanks for any help.

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I did the updates a couple days ago and had no issues with installation or use to date.

Thanks for the information.

MikeD, Did you do the ARM or DSP first? Did it give you a % of progress or any indication that it was updating? Did it reboot on its own or just complete?
Thanks again for the help.

I let the unit manage the updates when I took it online via my network connection. I don’t leave it connected to the internet so it can only get connected as I allow. My EP500pro was running part of my home at the time and shut down the output during part of the process and I was given a notification that it would need to shut down outgoing service to do so. I just let it do it’s thing. No issues at all.

Interesting and thanks for letting me know your update process.

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I could not get the Bluetti App to show a Firmware Update Icon when connected to the Internet. I have only seen it a couple of times while connected to the Internet. But on Bluetooth it showed a Firmware Update Icon.
What I did was made sure I had the latest App and tested it to where I was not seeing any disconnects when connected by both the Internet and Bluetooth. On the Bluetooth I was even switching between the Internet and Bluetooth to see that the Bluetooth would Disconnect and Reconnect. That test went well and I was connected to the Internet the whole time. I was also watching the Bluetti screen to see that the Bluetti was showing the correct results.
I charged my phone and EP500 Pro to 100% and shut the breakers off for the PV and pulled the L14-30, PV, and AC plugs.
On the App I went into the Bluetooth screen to Firmware Updates. It showed both the ARM and DSP had an update with a Download Icon. I pushed the Download on the ARM and it then came up with a Start Icon. After that it tells you that you basically will not be able to do anything until it is done. I then started it and it showed a round percentage Progress Screen and it only took a few minutes. It then showed that it was successful after the 100% was reached.
I checked things on the Bluetti and it all looked good so I went back to the Internet and Bluetooth connections. On the App I made sure that I could still go into the Internet connection and the Bluetti showed that it was still connected. Connected on the Bluetooth in the App and the Bluetti showed both were then connected. Went to the Firmware Upgrade and did the Download on the DSP and I went through the same process except that it took longer. It stopped at the 50% mark for a little while and a couple of other percentages after that but continued on until it was Successful.
I may be doing more than what is actually needed for this process to work, but with Firmware Updates I do not want anything to go wrong. So I test things out the best that I can.
After all of this was completed I shut the unit down and turned the breaker off. Turned the breaker on and rebooted the system. I went through all of the screens and all looked like it should. I plugged all of the cables back into the unit. Turned the AC on and turned on all critical breakers on in the Transfer Panel. It showed about 500W on the Bluetti AC load. I then tested all of the AC plugs, and DC connections that I could. I used a hair dryer along with the load to bring the battery down to 95%. I turned on the breakers for the PV’s and watched the PV screen and all was working as it should. I then plugged in the AC plug and it was about 1800W as usual. It charged to 100% and both PV and AC shut off. All of the testing that I did went well. I then left the house load on for about 1 hour to prove that over time there was no problems. That also tested out good. I am satisfied with this upgrade. I still do not know what the changes were in these upgrades.


I am having a weird issue with my EP500 Pro. I can select all the options using the screen menus, I can select to power on/off the AC/DC outputs, but after selecting on or off nothing happens. I can select to change the UPS mode using the screen, but the change is never applied to the device.

I can select and move through screen menus, but only some settings can be activated. To be able to really power on/off the AC/DC outputs or to change the UPS mode in the device, I need to use the Bluetti app.

I think that maybe refreshing the unit’s software, it might be fixed.

Question - Is there a way to re-install the EP500 Pro firmware software?

Thanks in advance!!

You may want to start a new post with your above information and ask the Bluettiadmin for help to have the firmware pushed to your EP500 Pro. Or just tell your problem with the question as above and see what the Bluettiadmin says. You can also call their support at 833-737-1296 or email at service@bluettipower.com. The fastest response that I have gotten is through email, but I would try all to get as quick of a response as possible.

Got it!! Thank you, I will try calling them.

hi jerry … i have never seen a firmware update button on the bluetti app on my phone, or on the ep500pro screen. i have tried Bluetooth, wifi and both at once. where did you find that? thanks!

I have the latest Bluetti App and it automatically connects by way of the cloud. The first thing that you have to do is change the Default Connection Mode to Bluetooth. Then connect to your device and on the main screen you should see the Bluetooth symbol in the upper left hand corner of the screen so that you know you are connected by way of Bluetooth. Go into Settings and you should see towards the bottom Firmware Update. When you open this it will show what needs to be updated.

You just need to make sure your phone and Bluetti are connected with both the Cloud and Bluetooth. You can go into the Bluetti Settings and see that both of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth States are Connected.

On the firmware below that I am on there are now no Firmware Updates on the Bluetti like there used to be on the original and first firmware update that I did. Since the second firmware update to the below firmware the firmware update is no longer available on the Bluetti.

I have an update for the IOT to 9014.12 and DSP to 4033.16 that I have not done and am waiting to see if anyone with an EP500 Pro has any problems going to these updates.

I hope that this helps.

IOT - 9014.10
ARM- 4034.09
DSP- 4033.14
BMS- 1008.02