EP500 Pro firmware update bugs

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I just performed the ARM firmware update on my EP500Pro and right after the update, I got grid voltage and frequency high alarm. While this doesn’t appear to impact the performance of the unit, it’s odd that I didn’t get the alarm until after the upgrade and this is an alarm that I can not clear.

Second issue in have is DSP and IoT updates keeps timing out. I have the app active and I have the phone right next to the unit and it still times out. The IT team might have to trace the update traffic to see why it’s being timed out so quickly.

So far the issues with the app has not impacted the function of the EP500pro.

Customer ask. Will be be possible to add some notes on what the firmware update will do so the consumer can decide if they want to upgrade?

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Strangely after trying to update for hours, 30 minutes after this post I was able to complete all 3 updates.

Been having similar issues with updating my AC300 - over the last week I’ve had endless failures. Tried again this morning on a whim and it succeeded first try! Can only assume something on the Bluetti side has changed. :slight_smile:
And agree - would love to see some release notes as well.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I have passed it to my team.

With the latest firmware I notice that when in PV priority, I am still taking power from the grid when I have the % set lower than the current SOC. It’s a low draw, but with solar coming in, I really wasn’t expecting any grid draw. @BLUETTI does the engineer expect this?