EP500 Pro Fan Error/Alarm

Day two with my EP500 Pro.

I keep getting an error/alarm code “108. Fan Faulty”

Everything continues to work when the alarm sounds, and it eventually goes away and isn’t recorded in the Data/Alarm History log.

Hi there,

Please clean or replace the fan to ensure proper ventilation.
Please contact us if the error still exists after rebooting the unit.

Unit is brand new . . . received yesterday, so the fan is clean.

What fan do I replace, and with what???

Yes, the error still exists, happens every few minutes.

I recommend bringing a service person to this community to answer these questions. Your reply is too empty. We need someone who can really help.

Things have gone from bad to worse.

Now the unit wont work at all when not plugged into the grid. When I turn it on a get a bunch of alarms and the unit turns itself off followed by the power button blinking.

If I plug it into the wall, the unit comes on and stays on, but wont charge or discharge.

I’ve asked for a return/refund. I’ve had the unit for two days!

Sorry for the experience.
Please keep in touch with us at crowdfunding@bluetti.com. Our D&R team will give you a solution.