EP500 Pro Capacity

Today I did another calibration.
According to the meter, with a constant load of 1000 watts I drew 4310 watts. I think that’s a good result.
I read about 3500 watts on the internet.
I hope that the existing problems can still be solved. I am otherwise very impressed with the EP500 Pro

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Hi @Marcus

it really depends on how you test the capacity. Longer run means more self consumption witch lead to less useable energy. If you would drain it down with the full 3000W, you should have even better results.


@Marcus The actual discharge capacity of the EP500Pro= standard capacity * DOD * η=5120Wh*90%*90%=4147.2Wh
(To extend the battery life, the power station set the 90% DOD, which means that
only 90% of the battery capacity can be discharged. 10% of the energy is reserved
to avoid damage to the battery due to over-discharge.
η indicates local inverter efficiency. DOD=90%, η =90%.)

In addition, the discharge capacity of the battery is also related to the temperature of the movement. If it is winter and the device is used outdoors, the measured discharge capacity will be lower.

I knew that. That’s why I was surprised by my result