EP500 Pro Battery Drain & Charge: Information Only

DSP Version: 4033.12
ARM Version: 4034.09
BMS Version: 1008.02
HMI Version: 6021.06

There were several reasons why I wanted to drain the battery from 100% to 0% and back to 100%. Here are my results of this testing. It took about 3:44 minutes to go from 97% to 96% @ about 1075 watts using a hair dryer. Going from 1% to 0% it took about 17:43 minutes @ 1075 watts using a hair dryer. At 0% it went for a few seconds before the AC turned Off on the front plugs. During this testing time I had the breakers for the PV turned Off.
At 0% there was a Battery Drained Alarm that came On. And I could not turn the AC back On.
I have a dedicated 20Amp AC plug for the EP500 Pro, and the Pro is set to 15A, and it charges at about 1800 Watts. I plugged in the AC, and it showed the Grid charging at about 1800 Watts. At 3% the Battery alarm was still On, and I could not clear it. I tried turning On the AC again and it would not turn On. At 5% the Battery Alarm did clear, and I could turn On the AC and it worked with the hair dryer. It took just about 3 hours to charge from 0% to 100% @ about 1800 Watts.