EP500 Pro AC Output @ 60 Volts

I began testing the unit on 6/18 after checking the settings. All of the DC outlets worked and the 4 - 120 Volt AC outlets worked with a hair dryer and the meter showed 120 Volts. Today 6/19 I tested the L14-30 plug with a meter and it showed only 60 Volts. I powered down and backup again a few times with the same results. I then checked the 4 - 120 Volt plugs and they all read 60 Volts. I checked my wall outlet and it read 120 Volts. I knew that the meter was good. It looks like a possible AC Inverter problem.

One issue that really bothers me is that when looking at the output voltage going into the AC icon it shows 120V 60Hz. At least on this machine it is not looking at the true output voltage. If you are running any equipment that is sensitive to be within the acceptable 120 volt range and does not have a wide range of voltage variations, it could be damaged. Of course it is better to have under voltage than overvoltage.

Does this machine just have failed components or is there also some engineering issue with it not shutting down with the voltage this low?

I have sent an email to service@bluettipower.com for help. Can I also get someone from Bluetti on this community to also contact technical service for me.

Thanks for the help.

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Update: I called the Service group about this problem on 6/22 and have been working with them on this problem since. On 7/8 I shipped the EP500 Pro to Las Vegas Service. They will see if they can resolve the problem if not they will send a replacement EP500 Pro. I want to thank the Service group for working with me to resolving this problem.

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I have this same issue. I’m only getting 60v output on L14 even though the other outlets seem to be working fine. Did Bluetti end up identifying the problem? I’ve got this on my new EP500PRO.

The EP500 Pro just arrived in Las Vegas yesterday. I am hoping to find out something next week. What they have said so far is if they cannot fix it they will send me a replacement. On the Alarm History the first Error Code that I received was a 01-001 that is a D-AMCU Warning. I am assuming that it is a problem within that motherboard. When I find something out I will post an update on the community.

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The EP500 Pro was in Las Vegas for about 2 1/2 weeks and a week of that time was in testing the unit. They did not find any AC problems but just replaced the Wi-Fi card that I had mentioned that was a problem. They sent me pictures showing on all 4 AC plugs that 120 volts was coming out along with 120 volts on the L14-30 plug. I have to wonder if possibly in shipping there was a loose connection that is now making contact. I was wondering if there was a step up transformer from 60 volts to 120 volts that had a problem. If there was a failure here it would then drop back to the incoming 60 volts.

I have been testing the unit for about 1 1/2 weeks now and have not see any problems of any kind. The Wi-Fi now does work. I will keep testing the unit to see if anything fails.