EP500 - Issues Turning On DC or AC Outputs

I can not turn on my EP500’s AC nor DC outputs from the LCD display. After selecting ON through the LCD panel to any of them nothing happens.

The only way available to turn ON AC or DC outputs is through the Bluetti phone application.

Any ideas of what might be happening?

PS My firmware versions are:

loT - v9014.10
ARM - v4034.09
DSP - v4033.12
BMS - v1008.02

I noticed that this started happening after upgrading to the latest Bluetti mobile application.

You can change only some things in the EP500 touch panel, but they are not permanently set into the device.


Anyone with the same issue or I am the only one that out of the sudden can not turn on/off the EP500’s power outputs using the LCD display panel and the only way to do it is using the Bluetti app?


Hi @juliomdavila , Very sorry for the late reply. Based on this issue, it should be a defective screen on the EP500. This needs to be returned for repair.
Please contact the support department to register the return for repair. Thanks again for your support and understanding!

Thank you for your reply.

The screen works perfectly, I can select the options, move through the menus, I can be able to change some settings through it. The issue is that turning on/off the power outputs, changing the UPS Mode and some other options can be changed but not permanently updated in the UPS.

Hi @juliomdavila , Do you mean that the AC,DC can be controlled on the screen now?
How did you do that please?

I can select all the options using the screen, I can select to power on/off the AC/DC outputs, but after selecting on or off nothing happens. I can select to change the UPS mode using the screen, but the change is never applied to the device.

To be able to really power on/off the AC/DC outputs or to change the UPS mode in the device, I need to use the Bluetti app.

I hope this explains the issue.


Can this be fixed by refreshing the EP500 Pro unit’s software?

Question - How can I re-install the EP500 Pro firmware software?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @juliomdavila , We forwarded your response to the relevant engineers, they replied that this should be a defective screen, and still need to return to the factory for repair. It cannot be solved by firmware update.