EP500 How to Remove INPUT Panel Cover?

I would like to remove the “INPUT” and “DC OUTPUT” panel covers on my EP500 Pro without damaging them so they could be put back on later if needed. Can anyone help with how best to do that? Thanks!

What are you trying to do by removing them?

Prefer direct access to the ports and fee so would like to remove the covers.

@jmk not really sure why you’d want to, but I’m sure you could probably take a plastic trim tool or small screwdriver and pry the corners while pulling and get them off??

Thanks very much for the suggestion. That’s actually what I had figured but I was wondering if there was some specific way, or tool, to do that so the plastic pivoting pins/tab don’t snap off in the process (other than just “very carefully" :wink: ) and do the springs have to be popped out first (tried and couldn’t easily do that). Want to be able to snap the covers back in place if needed in the future.

I also don’t know why you want to do that.
It won’t take you so much time to open it and access to the ports. If you remove them, it would be difficult to recover them.

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It’s not a big deal but I just prefer to have direct access to the DC and input ports without opening any covers and since my EP500 Pro is kept in an environment where protecting the ports is not an issue, I was wondering what the best way to remove the covers without damaging them is. Are you saying the covers can’t be removed without damaging them?

It is not recommended to removed them. They can protect outputs, to some extent.