EP500 Fusion Box Single Phase vs Split Phase

Hello, I’m a little confused and wanted to get clarification. I have an EP500 and was thinking of getting another one and connecting a fusion box so I can have 240V in North America. I’m looking to connect it to a generator input for a Sol-Ark Inverter, but they require 240V generators. So my real question is when I read the manual for the fusion box, it says that if it is split phase mode, I can’t charge the EP500s from the normal AC charging cable inputs and will need to use one of those split charging cables. It also references putting the EP500 in single phase mode. This confuses me. If in single phase mode, will the output from the fusion box be 120V with up to 10kwh or will it be 240V with up to 10kwh? If it is 240V, is it split phase or single phase. This setting is confusing me. I want to be able to use the output of the fusion box, but be able to charge from the grid via 120V. Also looking for 240V output. Any help would be appreciated.


@kinteseay EP500 can be connected to a fusion box to achieve dual firewires and 240V output.
However, it cannot be charged by 240V generator, but only by 120V grid to charge two EP500s separately.

I’m trying to figure the difference between the Single Phase and Split Phase mode when using the fusion box. Is the only difference how they are being charged? Do both modes output a 240V split phase output?