EP500 Firmware Version

  • Can you tell me how/where to check the firmware version on my EP500?
  • How can I update (refresh) the firmware on my EP500?

I have sent this request crowdfunding. I have never received an answer in this regard.

Hi randychan38,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
The firmware including ARM, DSP, IoT and BMS can be upgraded online
through OTA, and the parameters of the machine will be adjusted and
optimized. You can click “Product Information” to check the firmware version.

Deeply appreciated your information. That helps me to understand more of the EP500.
I think I might have interrupted the last update when it was in progress. The reason is in one morning last month (November). I saw the words Firmware Update on Bluetti App, but I accidentally turned off the unit. Since then, there is 1 operation that has not been working properly.
So, is it possible to get another push of the current Firmware update from your team to my team? Or, a download OTA?

I don’t know why I can not upload the PDF file about how to update the firmware version here. Could you please provide your email address, so that I can send it to you? And if others need it, please contact sale@bluetti.com.
Could you make it more specific about 1 operation that can not work properly?

Yes, please send the instruction to randychan38@gmail.com.
Once you email the instruction. Will I be able to reply to your email? So, I can describe the 1 feature that suddenly failed on my EP500. As I was a network engineer for over 12 years. I think it is software glitch that I want to try the update (refresh) the current firmware. Hope that fixes it.

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Hi there,

I have sent the instruction to you. Please note your email. And you don’t need to reply my email. If you want to describe the one feature, please contact sale@bluetti.com.

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Thank you for the instruction! I updated 3 of 4 firmware. I am going to retest the 1 issue I am still questioning is how it operates. I shall contact sale@bluetti.com if I see it still questionable. It is regarding the SOC low preset limit.
Wish you stay safe and a happy holiday to come!

Can someone post the firmware instructions somewhere?

Update: I found that the Firmware Update button only shows up when connected with Bluetooth, not when only connected through WiFi. I was able to update to the latest versions.

All right. I went ahead and did all the firmware upgrades. All good so far :slight_smile: