EP500 Charging problem

Tried to charge my new EP 500 from AC with provided charger. Turned on EP500 accessed AC screen and plugged in cable. There was a loud pop and I unplugged it immediately as alarm went off. Under alarm troubleshooting code 045 appeared with" PFC Error". Waited 5 minutes and tried again with same results. Under troubleshooting for 045 it says “contact dealer if error still exists after rebooting”. No reply to my emails yet so I thought I would try here for help. AC screen defaults 15Amp with option to manually change to 20 or 25Amp but with “contact Bluetti service!” with disclaimer of no responsibility for damage.Needless to say I hesitated to try changes without some advice. Hopefully this forum will be be of some assistance.

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I’d bet cash money you are going to have to send it back for service.

Really sounds like something blew up internally.

Agreed. You got a bad one. I’ve been mostly charging from 4 220 watt solar panels. I’ll have to do more testing with A/C charging to make sure all is ok.

The current setting only applies when charging from a generator.
With a wall plug it just charges at 500 watts.

Please keep us posted on how this goes. This is going to be a big test of how Blu-Etti deal with problems with these 200 lbs units.

I believe they claimed there would be some kind of in-home service. Maybe they would send you the part, but I doubt most people would want the responsibility.

Hi there,

Welcome to our community and sorry for the inconvenience.
I will submit your problem to our R & D team and give feedback to you soon.
Please wait with patience.
Thank you.

When you say, "Tried to charge my new EP 500 from AC with provided charger ", do you mean you used the standard cable to charge?

What kind of circuit were you on? Was there a GFCI or arc-fault protector?

Hi Power Hungry. I read the emailed EP500 Manual twice while waiting for my EP500. I read the provided manual twice after receiving my EP500 and checked each recommended step to be sure everything was copacetic. My unit arrived with 65% charge. I shut down unit and next day I used the included cable marked with tag saying “AC” with standard AC three prong AC plug and Bluetti Aviation Port 1[CP1] plug to plug into the CP1 Port. After tightening said plug into CP1 Port I turned on EP500 rear main power switch. Then pressed “ON” switch to illuminate the Touchscreen LCD. I then plugged the AC plug into my grounded three plug wall plug. There was a loud “POP” and then alarm sounded. I immediately unplugged unit and shut down EP500. Waited 5 minutes and tried again. No “POP” but screen appeared to indicate charging from Grid was happening then alarm sounded after 10-12 seconds and I unplugged unit from wall plug. Troubleshooting code 045 - PFC Error appeared which manual said “Check whether the grid works well”. The lamp on same plug works just fine as does the rest of the house. Any ideas? Sydney

I am having a different AC charging issue. It is charging on a regular circuit but once the charge begins, GFCI breakers are tripping different circuits than the one that is being used for charging.

If you have a continuity tester, you can check the aviation/three prong plug to see if it matches mine. I don’t know if being the same is a good thing or a bad thing.

FYI, for my AC cord, aviation pin 5 is the ground, pin 4 is the hot, and pin 2 is the neutral. Pins 1 and 3 are not connected to the 3 prong plug.

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Figures. No reply to email or other communication methods. Good luck getting support and speaking to anyone live.

@DRS what email did you try reaching out too??

You might want to use a product like this inexpensive circuit tester to make sure your outlet is wired properly:
Make sure your output frequency and voltage settings are correct on the EP500. And note what the input voltage is reading on the EP500 before the fault message appears.

And try it on some different circuits to see if the fault is unique to that circuit.

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Did you ever get this ac charging issue resolved?