EP500 and PV350 Solar Panel question

Good day, I apologize in advance for my poor English; I am from Ukraine and we have been experiencing significant power issues recently. I recently purchased a BLUETTI EP500 and a PV350 Solar Panel. Today, I connected the PV350 to the charging station. However, the station is not charging. The screen displays an Input Voltage of 44 and an Input Power of 0. I then noticed that unlike the EP500 Pro, it states on the input: DC Input 55 - 145V DC\20A MAX. As I understand it, do I need to add another PV350 solar panel to increase the Input Voltage above 55V? Thanks in advance to those who respond to my question.

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Welcome to the forum @AGaming !!

You are correct, you will need to add another pv350 (wired in series) to increase the voltage to meet the input requirements of the ep500. Below you will find a copy of the input specs for the EP500 unit for reference.


First of all, thank you for your response. I have another question: can I connect a panel of lesser power to reach the minimum required 55V for the charging station? And is it necessary to connect them in series? After all, the cable to the station that came with it can make two connections, DC1 and DC2.

Thank you again for your response. We called all your station dealers in Ukraine today, and nobody knows anything or can explain. This is precisely why EcoFlow systems are popular here; they have good support in our country. I myself used them before, but having tried Bluetti, I can say they are much better and more practical than the competition.

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@AGaming Overall… It is not recommended to connect panels that are not the same. Although it can technically be done… it absolutely isnt recommended. Those PV350 panels definetely arent cheap, so I wouldnt do it in fear of potentially damaging the panel. For long term use… I would invest in more pv350 panels or look to see if you can get some cheap used solid/rigid residential panels from your local markeplace.

But anyways, here is a quick little video that demonstrates what could happen when you wire mismatched panels up to a unit…


Thank you for the answers!! I have already ordered another PV350 panel, and I think I will be able to install it :) The thing is that I don’t live in a private sector. I live in a high-rise building :) so there are some difficulties with the installation space.


Yes, bluettipower site in Ukraine looks forgotten. They don’t respond to chat and messages :pensive: