EP500 add on battery storage?

Got my EP500 a week ago and having fun playing around with it and charging things. I’m doing some charging of my EV car too but that can take a lot of juice. Just wondering of ways to add additional battery storage without having to buy a second unit. I think another 10kwh or so would be nice. I saw the EP500 PRO has an External battery cable connector to the B230/B300, but guessing that doesn’t work on the nonPRO model.

It’s possible they may work as “dumb” batteries like they will with the AC200P. On the AC200P they just plug into the PV port to supply power to the unit but can’t be recharged from it. You would need a external charger and or solar to recharge directly to the battery.

Ditto to eric102. I’ve read similar suggestions elsewhere.

I have a side question in case you would be willing to answer it. You wrote:

Two people with EP500s were not able to charge their Teslas using the EP500 out of the box. The mobile connector reported “no ground”.

What make of car were you charging? Were you able to charge it using the EP500 out of the box?

I have a e-golf. No it didn’t work out of the box, I found someone on the Internet used a neutral-ground bonding plug for their EV car, that did the trick. It’s been working great!

Thanks so much for confirmation that it did not work out of the box. Back when we got this on Kickstarter, I asked if their unit had a floating neutral or a bonded neutral. I was told it would be a bonded neutral.

Since you (and one of the other EP500 users) used this to get their car to charge, not to mention there is no current flowing from hot to ground at the outlets (which would happen if they were “grounded/bonded”), our units appear to be floating neutral.

Good to know for anyone who might want to get a second one and connect to the house wiring using some of the accessories available.

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