EP500 AC Grid Input not correct value

The AC Grid is has the wrong values. After putting a Kill-a-Watt device on the EP500 wall cable, the true AC value is displayed on the Kill-a-Watt unit. Here is the pictures to justify my statement:

Look at the pictures and see 214 volts from the wall and ZERO on the touchscreen of the EP500.

The Kill-a-Watt has the voltage as high as 1460 volts. Right now be careful with the circuit that the EP500 plugged into because it may trip the circuit Breaker!

Your ac output and the Killawatt output may be differing because the Killawatt is measuring wattage being output and the Bluetti screen is displaying wattage consumed which is the actual output wattage plus the wattage consumed generating the ouputted wattage. Also, the output displayed on the screen is not highly accurate and instrument grade accurate but an approximation.

The killawatt is measuring the input to the EP500. Not the output!

I am sorry, after I went back and re-read your words three more times, I came to the conclusion that I have no idea what your point is or what you are doing in the pics

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Your diagram shows 0W AC input but watt meter shows 200W input. Is that connected and taken at the same time?

Yes, same time within seconds. The AC grid should be the same as the Kill-a-watt tester. Do you agree?

I think the Bluetti takes several seconds to begin the charging cycle. Have you plugged in and verified the reading after 30 seconds?

yes, it varies with the voltage being used by the Bluetti devices that are plugged into the Bluetti.

I don’t know the specifics of how this model works. But I do see you have 40% set as the PV priority value. That should mean it will not charge from the wall charger when the SOC is over 40% (as it is here, at 41%).

It looks like you have some load coming out of it. What is plugged into it? What will it show as AC wattage going out if you unplug the AC charger and pull only from the battery? If you do have something drawing AC power, it’s possible the Kill a Watt is showing the net power coming in in order to provide pass through charging to the load that is attached. Just a guess, though.

The 41% SOC says that the batteries are not getting power from the wall, that is correct. The wall AC power is going to the load. No load and then no power from the wall, that is correct. The question is: the AC grid power is tapped from the wall plug or from the power to the batteries. If it is only the batteries ( which I believe) then the total wall power could be the total of batteries and AC load, which could be over 2000 watts and pop the circuit breaker. The limit needs to be tested and documented. But I do not have the equipment.

What UPS mode were you running? Even though you are on PV Priority UPS mode, check your Standard UPS setting. Is it in Offline or Online mode? If it is in Offline mode, your AC Input is in by pass through to the AC Output load. You can click the GRID icon on the Display Screen which should show you the actual volts being received. It probably matches or is near what is on your Kill-a-watt meter.

Your idea is correct but not useful because it deletes the PV Priority UPS settings. I want the AC Grid total voltage to match the input voltage from the wall in the PV Priority UPS mode.
Thanks for trying.

Hi Harlan,

Please contact my colleagues who are responsible for the issues about EP500, they will help you out.

I need all the help possible, but I thought that crowdfunding people are not involved anymore. If this is correct then who is posting for Admin, name please!

For basically same problem, I used the crowdfunding address successfully, and received my response from Ashley. After a short series of diagnostics, software reflash, and sending video of my unit, I’m preparing to send it back at their request, per the engineering dept.
Note that they announced last week that all the EP500 AC charging cables (I presume all, per the message) will be replaced. The message said to discard the old cable, once the new one is received, because it could damage the unit.
My 2nd of two units began to malfunction in November, with the alarm after power on and recurring 045 error code followed by 034, 035. I didn’t report it until a few weeks ago. I had looked at this thread earlier when it became active in December. It seems to have nothing to do with the AC circuit. Like the other case, the display showed AC at correct voltage and Hz, but no charging current or rarely 2 watts. There was never any pop or burning smell, but the fan did run at times.
I did not try to put a clamp meter on the charge cable, however a simple circuit test did not find a ground or polarity issue at the outlets. I plan to pack up the unit for shipping soon.

Hi @DrDmd,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Pls contact my colleague at crowdfunding@bluetti.com. She will send a new one to you.