EP500 AC and DC output not turning on

I have an EP500 (non Pro), and I am unable to turn on the AC plugs or DC output via the app or touch screen. The touch screen is otherwise working, I can connect to the EP500 from the app, and the battery appears to be charging just fine. I tried turning off the EP500, and I’ve also tried flipping the switch on the back and then turning everything back on. Same result. Any ideas?

@erewhon Kindly provide me with the SN and the firmware version and I can check if there is a new ARM firmware to solve the problem.

The SN is EP5002130000300032 and the ARM firmware is v4004.09.

Thank you!

@erewhon I will push a firmware for you to test. Looking forward to your update.

Did you try to set the outputs via App? @erewhon

I got the same result. (Both turning AC or DC on didn’t do anything from touch screen or app.)

Hi. I updated the firmware, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. After the update is there anything else I should try?

@erewhon I found in the background that you did not successfully upgrade the ARM firmware, but the IOT firmware. I will push the firmware again for you to test in 24 hours.

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Ah, great. Thanks! I’ll keep an eye out for it.

I updated the firmware. But I missed a major detail: I had the EP500 plugged in to the wall, and I saw it drawing a few watts of power. I didn’t think anything of it, but the battery SOC was 0%! For some reason, it isn’t charging via the AC plug. Just on a lark, I plugged in a couple of solar panels and it was able to charge the batteries. Once I got it to 2%, I tried turning on the AC outlet. It worked.

Of course, now the question is why isn’t it able to charge via the wall outlet?

@erewhon I am sorry the technician can’t find the exact reason. If it will not effect your use now, we recommend that you observe it more. If there are other questions, you can kindly let me know.

Just to cover all bases, have you tried a different outlet / circuit to charge your EP500 on, and maybe turned the unit completely off (all output, and then the unit too), and powered it up again? There’s not a lot of hope in these steps, but one never knows… :slightly_smiling_face: