EP Series / EP600: Where the hell is the "Grid Consumption Setting & Feed to Grid Setting" in the new app

Dear Bluetti Team… After the last update we can no longer find the frequently used functions for controlling the charging and discharging power and also the basic functions (“Charge from Grid” and “Feed to Grid”) in the APP. It can’t be the case that I have to call you every time if I want to change the service. I would like to be able to decide for myself about my own investment. Please activate the buttons again (“Charge from Grid” and “Feed to Grid”)… the system is unusable for me and my customers and I will no longer sell any other EP600 if you take more and more basic functions out of the app… The first changes you made : removing the battery overview (SOC & Health) and the functions to implement externals Inverters (AC load) and now this!!!.. Your approach to developing the app is terrible and not forward-looking and you’ll scare away some customers. …you should expand the functions (like MQTT or Security PIN (for BT)) and not restrict them… @BLUETTI @BLUETTI_CARE

@Kbuettgen I’m sorry for the inconvenience. The Grid Consumption Setting & Feed to Grid Setting function is currently viewable only with the permission of the installer. If you have urgent needs, you can contact the installer. Our R&D department is already discussing a new solution to meet user needs, which will be implemented as soon as possible. I will let you know if there are any other developments.

sorry, but that’s wrong!! I can’t ask my installer because he can’t do that… I always have to call Henrik, the German Bluetti supporter… I don’t have urgent needs - I have dynamic needs . I paid for the system and you can’t just remove options that were decisive for a purchase… You haven’t kept also your advertising promise that you can connect 79 kWh batteries - what next?. I will no longer order EP600 for my customers (via Bilin Germany) until you start talking to the customer and involving them in the development @BLUETTI @BLUETTI_CARE

Its set up that way for a reason @Kbuettgen due to safety concerns and probable regulations that are in place within your location. If your installer “can’t due that” then that is an issue by itself and something that will need to be taken up with them. Have you reached out to “Henrik, your German Bluetti supporter” and see what he has to say about all this?
Also… where are you reading that Bluetti advertises the ep600 capable of expansion up to 79kWh? I’m seeing on the official website it advertised with being able to be hooked up to 8x B500 units(4096wh each) = 32,768wH??

yes, that is the current page… I am attaching the data sheet and the German Webseite from April 2023 when I purchased the system.

you can see that the graphic is the same, x axis with 79 kwh, only the title has changed :rofl:
ScreenShot 2023-12-08 um 15.04.13

@Kbuettgen touche! haha Well I am completely going out on a limb here as I truly dont know the details on why the “change” was made… (totally could have been just a graphical error as well?? :man_shrugging:) but I am guessing that it was due to either… 1.) possible restrictions that were set in place on maximum allotted storage regulations within the location? or 2.) maybe they found that the current boards wouldnt allow for further expansion beyond that 32,768wH limit?

Either way… I am super jealous!! hahaha as here in the US, the ep800 and ep900 are limited to <20kWh maximum at this time.

Hi @Kbuettgen

the last days I updated the App to v2.2.5 an now, your missed functions are back in [Advanced Settings]

Yes … in PRO Mode to ;)