EP 500PRO installation details

I am a newbie to the Community and to BLUETTI products. I will be purchasing an EP500Pro very soon as soon as I find someone that can install the unit. According to the User Manual “to install the grid-tie power system, an electrician with a Professional Technician Certificate” is required, connect the wires of critical equipment from your main electrical box to the BLUETTI Sub Panel".
I’ve called two electricians neither of whom have a Professional Technician Certificate. Bluetti Team, please clarify. Thank you.[quote=“Fatcat, post:1, topic:865, full:true”]
To Moderators: Could we have a EP500/500 Pro sub-forum? There was a lot of discussion resulting the pre-launch round table that Bluetti hosted. Being the most feature rich (complicated) product that the company is going to produce, I’m sure the customers would appreciate a sounding board for their questions and information that’ll benefit the whole community

Hi @marilee-972 , welcome to BLUETTI community!
It is recommended that you look for a licensed electrician to install EP500PRO.

I wouldn’t read to much into the “technical certificate” term. Typical wording to cover their selves if you do it yourself and wreck it. Any reputable electrician that will back up his work is fine. Don’t let just some dude do it because you can get a good deal. Most company’s will list in their ads that they are licensed and insured. as long as they will back up their work you should be fine.

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