Ep 500 pro charging issue

I have two Ep 500 pro’s. I charged one with no problems, at around 1700 watts from the wall. The second one also was charging when i noticed a firmware update for dsp. I tried shutting off the charging and it updated through my new Buletti phone app.

Now it will no longer charge at around 1700 watts, now it is stuck around 200 to 300 watts.

there used to be a button to reset factory settings but now that is gone as well. What should i do to fix this issue? with it charging at 200 watts it is taking forever to charge it.

Hi @aanavrin918 , Can you check:

  1. whether the AC input current is set
  2. Is the UPS mode a standard UPS?
  1. yes
  2. yes standard ups

Hi @aanavrin918 , thanks!
Can you open the AC input info on the screen to see?
You don’t have silent mode on, right?

Hi @aanavrin918 , thanks for the AC input info shared.
There is another need to confirm with you: the above 544W when the machine battery level how much? Is the silent mode on?
Thanks again for your cooperation

1 to 50 percent at least. it never had fhis issue until the firmware update

Is there a silent mode on? If so, please turn it off.
Is this always the case with this wattage charging, or is it only occasionally?

silent mode is off. and it’s been like this every time I look at it after the update

@aanavrin918 , Thanks for your confirmations.
Are both EP500Pros updated and limited to 500+ watts, or is only one like that?
Is it not carrying any devices when charging only 500+ watts?
Also, please provide us with the SN codes of your two EP500PROs and we will send them to our engineers to see if we can fix it by updating the firmware.

only the one that I updated is like that and here is a screen shot woth the sn number on both

@aanavrin918 , Thank you for your reply, but we can’t see from this picture which machine is limited to 500W, and the SN code of the second machine is not fully displayed.
Is the EP500pro that has not been updated to the latest firmware charging without limit to 500W+? Can you also provide the firmware versions of the two machines?

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Hi @aanavrin918 , the another EP500PRO product info screen, could you please share it with us?

@aanavrin918 , Our technical engineers have pushed the update to you. Please see if the problem still occurs after the update.
There are also a few points that the R&D engineers need to confirm with you.

  1. whether the whole machine has done high-power charging and discharging, and whether the temperature is high?
  2. If it is convenient, can you provide a monitoring video for analysis.

Thanks again in advance for your friendly cooperation!

  1. yes it has gone intense charge and discharge many times

  2. the video seems to be too large to email how do I send it to you?

Thanks for your reply!
Please check private message for better sending the video, thank you.