EP 500/500 Pro sub-forum?

To Moderators: Could we have a EP500/500 Pro sub-forum? There was a lot of discussion resulting the pre-launch round table that Bluetti hosted. Being the most feature rich (complicated) product that the company is going to produce, I’m sure the customers would appreciate a sounding board for their questions and information that’ll benefit the whole community


FatCat, Excellent idea. We would like a EP500 forum ASAP. There are many people pledging that product. Lots to talk about. Thanks James

Excellent idea. @BLUETTI or @system could you make this happen??

Yes please on the EP500/500pro forum!
Ordered and not hearing much… would appreciate the availability to address questions and learn

@Fatcat @Putter @shawnnn99

Sorry for the delays yall! Just got put up so we can all start adding to it.


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Thanks @m.briney :muscle:t3: Hopefully I can learn from this group​:pray:t3:

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We have a problem with our cable connecting our generator with our EP 500 Pro. The cable we received has a plug with 5 female connections but our Bluetti EP 500 Pro has a larger 3 pin male plug/receptor. Does anyone know what kind of generator cable we need? Is the issue related to a US vs European or Chinese model?

Hi @sharpewaldo , To charge the EP500PRO with gas generator, just select the AC charging cable that comes with it.

Do you mean that the charging plug does not match?

The charging plug that came with the EP500 Pro DOES match, it is the generator plug that we ordered that does not match. It would appear that we ordered a generator cable for an EP500 instead of an EP500 Pro, yes?

Our problem using the AC Charging Cable that came with the AP500 Pro is the following:
When we first attempt to use our generator ( Westinghouse DHV) we initially witness the Bluetti seemingly doing diagnostics (little blue lights flashing) then we generate 600 watts for maybe 2 seconds, then it jumps to 1750 watts for a second or two then the wattage drops to zero. Can you tell us what you think is happening and how we might fix it? I am attaching photos of our Bluetti EP 500 Pro.

i have the same problem

@camaroncito @sharpewaldo
Please provide me with your EP500PRO SN code (13 digits) and I’ll try to get a tech to push you firmware specific to the machine connected gas generator.

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i have FOUR ep500pro machines (we call them A, B, C, D). let’s start with just one to see how it works. machine B is 2143 0000 79974. the machine is online via wifi now.