Ensure Uninterrupted Power for Vital Needs

:mailbox: California, USA


Frequent power outages, particularly during the summer, due to Michael’s woodworking tools, his wife’s vocal coaching equipment, and health issues requiring constant air conditioning.


The BLUETTI EP800, for its non-grid-tied feature, battery backup, and compatibility with photovoltaic cells.


  • Uninterrupted power during blackouts.
  • Independence from the grid.
  • Consistency through photovoltaic cells.
  • Ability to continue work during earthquakes.
  • Cost savings on electricity.

“I would highly recommend BLUETTI to anybody. The value and benefits are incredible, and I will definitely be recommending BLUETTI to my friends and family.”

Surviving the Heat: Battling Power Outages in California

At 58 years old, I’m semi-retired, sharing a home with my wife, Lori. With her running a vocal coaching business from home, and me engrossed in woodworking and vintage watches, our electricity needs are diverse. Living in California’s scorching weather, air conditioning is non-negotiable due to my heat intolerance. Add to that the constant threat of rolling blackouts and earthquakes, and the need for a reliable power backup becomes paramount.
Yesterday’s half-hour blackout was a minor inconvenience, but last year’s prolonged outages lasting up to ten hours during the summer were a real challenge. The fear of losing perishables in the fridge and freezer was compounded by the impact on our businesses. Enter BLUETTI’s EP800, our lifeline to uninterrupted power.

Independence from the Grid: Choosing the BLUETTI EP800

Our decision to invest in the BLUETTI EP800 was a carefully considered one. Unlike the EP900, the EP800 isn’t grid-tied, aligning perfectly with our desire for independence. We extensively researched BLUETTI, visiting their offices and interacting with their team, including a fortunate encounter with the chairman.
The EP800’s combination of battery backup and photovoltaic cells not only promised consistency in power supply but also a cost-effective solution to our electricity needs. In a state prone to earthquakes, having our power source ensures continuity in our daily lives, especially in the event of a natural disaster. This investment isn’t just about powering our home; it’s about sustaining our livelihoods.

Empowered Living: Recommending BLUETTI for Uninterrupted Power Supply

With BLUETTI’s EP800, we’ve found more than a power backup; we’ve discovered peace of mind. The uninterrupted power supply (UPS) feature ensures a seamless transition from the grid to battery power in milliseconds, keeping both my wife’s vocal coaching studio and my woodworking business operational during outages.
Recommending BLUETTI to friends and family isn’t just about the incredible value and benefits we’ve experienced but also about sharing a solution that transcends typical power backup systems. BLUETTI has not only met our expectations but surpassed them, turning potential business losses during power outages into a thing of the past. Our recommendation is genuine — BLUETTI has become an integral part of our lives, providing the power we need to keep going, no matter what challenges come our way.