End of Life for EB240

Probably not the best subject line. Sorry. I have read the topics discussing the better value or features between the EB240 and the AC200P. I noticed that with the coupon the EB240 comes in at 1399.00 vs the AC200P at 1699.00 with the coupon. (current pricing) So 400 extra WH with the EB240 for 300.00 less. I realize there are other benefits with the AC200P over the EB240, such as the larger inverter. Just wondering that with the different battery chemistry and the lower price, if maybe the plan is to replace the EB240 with the AC200P or if it is simply two different products that fit different needs?

I don’t need the larger inverter of the AC200P but I do like the LIFePo4 over the NCM battery type. I don’t really know to be honest but it “seems” to me that many portable power sources are going with LIFePo4 batteries over NCM or Li-ION nowadays.

Thought maybe someone could help me understand the future of the EB240?

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I can’t really say what the future of the EB240 is but something to consider:
You’re correct, the size of the EB240 is 400wh larger, but the amount of usable watts may be more that 400. It doesn’t have all of the “bells and whistles” of the AC200P. Meaning, the inverter is smaller which means less overhead draw.
So if you don’t need the extra inverter power of the AC200P, you may get more run time out of the EB240 and it’d be more beneficial for you.
According to their website, the EB240 is rated for 2500+ cycles and if I remember correctly, they use high grade LG cells. 2500 cycles with that kind of capacity will last you a very long time.

Just my two cents, hope it helps out some


@SierraVanCampers yea just like that Bobby @Brogers0724 touched on, the EB240, EB120 & EB150 for that matter, are the “older” bluetti tech without the bells and whistles of the newer models BUT are the “go-to” models for MANY people due to that they are much more efficient. Meaning the overhead losses are very minimal when compared to a lot of these newer models. I don’t know for certain, but I believe Bluetti will keep producing them because of this. They are just SOLID work horses.

Its funny you bring this up cause literally just yesterday was debating on snagging that eb120. Saw it on Amazon for $799. And it’s got 1200wh, a pretty wide solar input (16v-60vdc / 10a) up to 500w and can push 1000w from AC continuously. That’s pretty badass.


If you want to try one out dirt cheap…Bluetti EB240|Best Portable Lithium Power Station Generator

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The EB150/240 are still about as good as it gets for larger capacity power stations with simple operation and smaller, more efficient inverters that eat less power (if you don’t need the extra power). Sure, I guess LFP would be better but would also be heavier.

Not everyone wants or needs a very complex, highly customizable touchscreen control, and not everyone needs a really powerful inverter which wastes more power when under light loads.

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Thank you! All great comments and I wasn’t aware of the higher overhead with the AC200P. Since my camper is just 12V DC, the EB sounds like a better choice.

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Sorry another question. With the AC200P, does the inverter draw power if you are only using the DC output? I pretty much would only be using DC off the unit. With my EB70, I can just use the DC output and not have the inverter on. I assumed that meant the inverter had no overhead when off. Is the AC200P like that?

Hi @SierraVanCampers,

Thank you for asking.
If you just turn on the DC and AC Keep off, the inverter won’t draw power.

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SOLDOUT FOR AWHILE… :dizzy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@BLUETTI The inverter on the AC200 might not “draw” power but there will still be losses present, even with the AC side “turned off”. @SierraVanCampers Here’s a little pic showing the overhead power consumption…


Unfortunately everything on that site is showing as sold out. :frowning:

Yes, you’re right. There are some losses for dissipating heat.

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@hnymann what are you looking for specifically?? Maybe we could help you find or make an alternative (if it’s a cable or something?)

I would love to pick up a refurbished EB70. Unfortunately not something relatively simple like a cable, but I appreciate the attempt to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Scott these have been sold out for months.

Which only means the longer they are sold out the closer it is to having some available again. And you can buy a new one today if patience is not a strong point

I will keep my eye on them…

The EB240 renewed units are available on Aliexpress for $499 with free shipping. Search for “maxoak EB240 renewed.” When the Maxoak website still had them, I paid $479 each for two EB240’s, $338 for EB150, and $171 for AC50s. Should have picked up another EB150. My capacity test was better with the EB150 over the EB240.