Empowering Independence: BLUETTI ESS Transforms Lives


  • Energy dependence on fluctuating markets and crises.

  • Solar panels alone provide 50% independence; BLUETTI ESS raises it to 70%.


  • BLUETTI ESS with B500 batteries.

  • 20 kWh storage capacity, equivalent to a day’s consumption.


  • Energy independence for homes and businesses.
  • Economic benefits, especially for electric vehicle charging and powering high-energy-demand appliances.

“The capacity to deliver 6kg power output is crucial. BLUETTI, often topping comparisons, offers an active community and attractive prices. The ESS with B500 batteries ensures substantial energy savings, benefiting my business and daily life.”

Unpredictable Energy Price & Unstable Power Supply

I’m Jean-Christophe Arnaud, a 47-year-old father of three. Managing an events company, energy independence became a crucial concern for our family of five. We witnessed the vulnerability tied to energy crises, be it gas, petrol, or electricity. The unpredictability of prices and geopolitical conflicts affecting our energy sources prompted us to seek a solution for greater self-reliance.

Choose BLUETTI - More Than Solar Panels

The decision to go solar was a no-brainer, but BLUETTI was the right one for us. Solar panels provided a 50% energy independence, but BLUETTI ESS with B500 batteries offered a jump to 70%. What drew me in was BLUETTI’s impressive power output capacity of around 6kWh. This was so astonish that allowed us to power energy-intensive devices like heavy-duty PCs, machinery, and even a heat pump. BLUETTI consistently topped comparisons online, and the active community, attractive launch offers, and the reputation for delivering the ESS with B500 batteries impressed us all around.

Transform from Energy Consumer to Energy Producer

The BLUETTI ESS, paired with four B500 batteries, gave us the ability to store a whopping 20kWh of energy—enough to power a large house or a small business for a day. This translates into significant savings, especially when multiplied by 365 days.
The impact is immense, enabling us to charge electric vehicles for free, heat our business premises, and power high-performance PCs for graphic-intensive work. There’s no doubt that it has become one of the greatest supplement to our home and we just can’t just live without BLUETTI.