EMP vulnerability of B230 batteries?

Pardon my ignorance, but can someone with expertise on both the B230 auxiliary battery AND potential effects of an EMP on electronics please explain to me whether my two B230 batteries need to be protected in Faraday enclosures or not? I’ve built a suitable Faraday cage for my “power tower” AC200Max (on top) and batteries, but later read in the owner’s manual that I shouldn’t stack those three units atop one another, so, if there is little or no danger to the B230’s, I’ll just keep the AC200Max in the cage and put the B230s in their shipping boxes for storage (all at 80%).

If I’m not mistaken, because this is Lead Acid battery you have more options to protect the battery while in use or outside of a faraday cage, such as installed a EMP Shield on it. However you should call EMP Shield and they’ll guide you.

If your battery was a LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate), like the B300 or B300s then you can do nothing to protect these battery outside of a faraday cage because of the electronics on the battery itself.

That’s not correct, the B230 also uses LiFePO4 as its battery chemistry, not lead acid:

In fact, I don’t think Bluetti has ever made any products containing lead acid.

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This is the email I got back from When I asked about protecting my AC300/B300.
Email from EMPshield:

Good Afternoon Mrs. Snow,

I would first like to thank you for your interest in our products. We sincerely appreciate your time and consideration. Unfortunately, we cannot protect the Bluetti systems. We lack the proprietary information to design a device that is compatible with their designs. I would suggest building a Faraday Trash Can or looking into Faraday bags large enough for your solar generator.

Shaydon Mills

Sales Representative

EMP Shield



Good to know. I thought it was Lead Acid

Lithium batteries aren’t EMP hardened due to the required, BMS, Battery Management System. The only EMP resistant battery types that don’t require shielding are lead acid, gel cell, AGM and NiMH batteries