EMP Protection?

Not to sound like too much of a moonbat, but has anyone considered EMP protection for an unplugged AC300+B3000s?

I have my set up for when power goes out so I keep it fully charged and unplugged. I plug it in once a month to ensure a full charge and then unplug it again.

With the weirdness in the world right now it occurred to me that an EMP would make my system worthless (I sometimes wish I had never read One Second After).

Has anyone else given this some thought and come up with a Faraday cage solution?

There are probably more people who have that thought in the back of their mind than would admit to it. Anyhow, you can buy faraday bags (Search: 27 results found for "emp" – ShopSolarKits.com) or you can make a faraday cage (just do a search, I’m sure there are plenty of youtube videos on it).

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I’ve seen a member using a metal trash can for his unit!! Haha he seems happy with the results and it was cheap n easy!

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I didn’t recall going through any EMP events. How often does EMP occur? Is it something we should be concerned about?

I have a 33 gallon metal trash can set up with hand lend ham radios, rechargeable batteries, some flash lights and other nice-to-have items. But unfortunately, even empty, that can won’t fit one B3000 battery. The EMP shields that MontAnna suggested are interesting though.

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I look at preparing for EMP/CME like I look at car insurance. I spend a very small amount of time acquiring it or thinking about it and I hope it never becomes necessary to use it.

CMEs, what you were referencing in your post, happen with some regularity but, fortunately, our atmosphere protects us from the effects most of the time. Satellites, like Elon Musk’s Starlink, are much more susceptible to the effects of CME because they are above the atmosphere. Starlink just recently lost something like 40 of their newly launched satellites to a CME.

An EMP has similar effects of an EMP and is from a nuclear device detonated above Omaha, Nebraska at anywhere between 25 and 250 miles above the earth’s surface. Estimates by the DOD are that 70% or more of the US electrical grid will be damaged and unusable for an extended period of time after a successful EMP nuclear detonation. Almost anything with an electronic chip, including modern cars and manufacturing equipment, will be unusable. This also includes our Bluetti solar panels and batteries.

The DOD estimates that grid reconstruction after a successful EMP attack would likely take years and that within the first year 90% of the US population will die. The vast majority of those deaths will occur from exposure, water born pathogens from untreated water and lack of access to medications.

In truth, having electricity after an EMP attack will be nice but not of primary importance. Medicine, clean water, food and, unfortunately, ammunition will be of primary importance. Electricity will be a luxury. Nonetheless, it is a luxury I would like to have if at all possible.

My interest in this was spawned many years ago after reading the fiction novel “One Second After”. I didn’t realize that the book was based on a DoD study and report on the effects and aftermath of an EMP attack until after I had finished the book. All I can say is that sometimes ignorance is wonderful bliss.

Hope this helps explain.


Here is an interesting preso deck on the subject…

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Regardless, it seems we are closer now than ever to potential cataclysmic outcomes with the current world leadership. The only thing I can do is try to prepare the best I can to try to weather a storm, electromagnetic or otherwise.