EMP Protection

What are some ideas for protecting your Bluetti from an EMP ?
( Things are getting Really Weird Out There !)
My thought is to Re-Pack the unit into it’s original packing material. (case inside a case)
After completely charging it, Completely Wrapping the Inner cardboard container with a Heavy Gauge Aluminum Foil. Using 5" Wide heavy gauge (Heat & Air) Foil Tape to secure all seams and joints.
Anyone Else ?

Hi @Blooki

It is extremly difficult to make such a unit or any other device save for a emp.

I know of some test with server racks. They are really thick and the most important point is, that there is no space somewhere. This cage needs to be fully closed, without any holes in it.

Thats pretty difficult for a unit that produce much heat when working in a box with little space and no fresh air.

Dont think so that aluminum foil will have much of a effect. It may can reduce it by a bit but dont stop it.

There is a reason why people and companies with really high budgets still dont have “The Solution” for it.

Just my throughts on it



There are prepper groups who might be able to answer this better.