ECO Mode 🤷‍♂️

The AC200MAX is a bit short in explaining the the ECO Mode :tipping_hand_man:. On page 10, says:

“ECO Mode: While it’s on, the AC output ports will be automatically turned off if the load on it is less than 50W over 4 hours.”

That is great, but after the AC output ports have automatically turned off, … then do you have to manually turn on the AC output ports to use a power load greater than 50W :man_shrugging:. It would be a very nice feature, if ECO Mode could be programed On and Off at desired time intervals :tipping_hand_man:. I use AC timers to turn electrical hardware / appliances / devices on and off at desired times :tipping_hand_man:. But if the AC output ports have automatically turned off, and the AC output ports does not automatically turn on when needed, then very very inconvenient :man_shrugging::tipping_hand_man:.

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The primary purpose of the eco mode is to not drain your battery if you accidently leave the unit on. Once the AC output ports are off for any reason, you have to turn them back on before they can be used again.