ECO Mode, what does it do?

The user manual supplied with the unit is pretty brief if not pitiful. What is ECO mode and what does it do? Thanks

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ECO Mode automatically shuts off the AC inverter after 4 hours of low or no load. It’s a nice feature for when you forget to turn off the AC so that you don’t loose overhead power from the inverter just being on. ECO Mode does not effect the DC, and DC will stay on. ECO Mode also does not shut the entire sogen off. It only shuts off the AC.


Does it turn the AC inverter back on when a current is needed? Or does it just turn it off until manually turned back on?

Hi @Mlummus , Eco mode is an energy saving mode. It does not display if the device is loaded with 10W or less, and will automatically shut down the port at four hours. As long as the ECO mode is turned on, you have to manually turn it off.

Yes, I understand how the mode turns on. My question is what happens when an appliance needs power after the AC inverter has been shut down by Eco Mode? Will the machine detect the power need and turn the AC inverter back on?

Too bad you didn’t get a reply.
I have the same question, but, I kinda think it will not detect a power demand and turn the inverter back on.
That would be real cool if it did.