Eco Mode should turn off device, not only AC port

I’m running a EP500 pro. Every evening I have to got downstairs to my basement to turn off the device via power button on top in order to reduce self consumption of the device.

Wake up in the morning at sunrise via PV input works fine automatically.

But shutdown at sunset, does not work automatically.

Please make possible to configure Eco-Mode in menu: When no AC load and no PV input and no AC charge is needed, automatically switch off after 60 minutes (like pressing to power button on top).


Hi @SteCol , I’m sorry for this situation.
ECO mode automatically shuts down the machine if there is no output for four hours.
As for your suggestion to shorten the machine to one hour before turning off, we will submit it to the relevant department.

Sorry again for inconveniece caused.

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This topic needs more upvotes. Exactly what im also asking for.

Any news on this?