Eco Mode Question

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I just received my AC200 yesterday and have been reading through the manual.

It mentions the Super Eco Mode can save more than 30% of useless energy loss, sounds good!

But what exactly does it do and how does it affect the operation of the unit?

Unless I overlooked something, I don’t see where it explains it.

Thank you n advance!


It says this in their info: The user can customize the ECO mode, and choose to turn on and off.

Choose eco low power load or no load or forget to shut down, then AC200 will automatically shut down in 4 hours to save power.


Hey @MitchC eco mode will turn off the unit if the output is lower then 50w for 4 hours. Quite useful to save that battery life when charging small appliances or running my evening lights!

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Mitch everything the others have said and…The Ac200 consumes a certain amount of power to generate regulaged DC and AC voltage even if there is no power being drawn. Basically the AC200 will run down if you leave it on and are not connceted to anything. The eco mode simply turns the unit off if you forgot to turn it off so the battery will not run down unintentionally


Thank you everyone for your replies, very helpful, useful information!


When you say “turn off” after 4 hours, do you mean AC and/or DC only or main power? I’m curious because my green power light never shuts off, 4 hours or even a day later. I haven’t located a good explanation of Eco mode.

Eco mode will only shut off AC after 4 hours. DC in unaffected by Eco mode. Eco mode does not shut down your unit (that is to say turn the whole thing off) at any time.

Totally separate from Eco mode and not affected by Eco mode, the unit will automatically shut down if no input and both AC and DC are off, after 24 hours. This appears to be a firmware safety feature and can not be disabled by the user. This is not mentioned in the manual.

Thank you for the correction Mark.