EB70S Total DC Output

Hi, I’m considering a EB70S, but I require a higher output than 10A @ 12V. I emailed the sales support and they replied that all 3 are independent and that the unit can output 30A @ 12V. I understand the EB70 (non S) shared the regulated output. Can anyone with an EB70S verify?


That sound highly suspect.

The 70 and 70S are almost the same, if they made such a change, surly it would have been mentioned in the promo material.

It is my understanding that 10 amps is the total max. Cig sockets are very poorly designed to carry higher amperages without resistance and subsequent heating. Not good to pull more than 10 amps from one. In any case if you need higher than 10 amps you need a larger unit in the 200 series.