EB70s short with Coleman air pump

I was planning on taking my EB70s on a camping trip, so I tried out my air pump on it. It runs for a few seconds, wattage shows around 170w, then it stops and display says short. I tried on all the AC plugs at 50Hz and 60Hz, with Eco mode on or off. I also tried plugging the air pump into a meter plugged into a wall and the values are 1.6 amps, 119 v, 196.5w. My understanding is these are well within the specs of the EB70s so I don’t know why it is shorting. The disappointing part is I tried it on my smaller power station from a different brand with much lower specs in it works. Any ideas why it’s not working. Is my product defective?

There are some hair dryer and heat gun type loads that I have seen that do not work well with the EB70 inverter. Not sure the exact reason, but this looks to be one of those type of cases. Yes it should work, but it does not.

Hi @KobiyashiMru , We recommend that you remove the load, reboot, and see if the short-circuit indication clears and you can use it again. Then reload other devices to see if they work again.

If it does not work again, press and hold the three buttons on the panel (AC and two DC) at the same time when “short” is reported. If there is a fault code, please contact our support department via service@bluettipower.com for further solutions. Thank you very much for your cooperation.