EB70S Overload plugging in 2021 Roadtrek Play

I bought this unit to charge up the batteries at night when boon docking. I tried to hook up to RV with just the inverter/charger on. It starts to run shows about 150w and the it shuts down with overload error. I am able to run the Bluetti for my toaster at 750w no problem. I then tried using a KillAWatt to house outlet and plugged in RV which shows inverter/charger pulling 200w and then going down to under 100w after the batteries are topped off, just a guess. Anyway I do not understand why the Bluetti is not able to run RV inverter/charger. I must be missing something.
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

What you are missing is that you are using a one gallon bucket to try and fill a 10 gallon barrel. You will not be able to charge your batteries much with the capacity the EB70 has. Your RV charger will use a large amount while charging (more so if your RV batteries are low). Not sure how large your RV charger is (should list its amps of charging power) but my converters consume much more power than the 200 you experienced. It is possible that the converter is just compatible with the EB70 AC power output.

You may also be powering other items while connected (fridge, lights, etc) that will add to the load. Unless you are solar charging your EB70 and then wanting to dump just a small amount of power to your RV batteries and repeat this cycle, this is not the answer.

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Yes I am planning to solar charge the EB70S. I will likely get some rooftop solar panels too. This was just start. I still need to know why it won’t run at all. Nothing else is running but the inverter/charger. I am inquiring with Bluetti.

Thank you.