Eb70s not charging to 100% with power brick

I just recently got the bluetti eb70s where I charge it 100% with the power supply provided successfully and used it down to 0% then immediately charge it back up. However, it now only goes to 80% and stops charging any further.

Is my unit now defective or do I need to do some certain procedure to fix this?


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Run it back down to zero again and re-charge. If that does not solve the issue, I would contact service.

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Yes, discharging completely to empty and then charging back up made the unit go back to 100% on the panel; it recalibrated.


Thank you. I’m also having this “problem”. I’m glad that it’s a problem with a solution that I can easily do at home. I was about to drain it to 0%, but I decided not to do that yet… Is the unit really only charged up to 80%, or is it actually 100% charged, but the out-of-synch meter only shows 80%?

Unknown charge % if the meter is out of sync.