EB70S lost 20% charge overnight


Fully charged EB70S with no load lost 20% of the battery overnight (based on indicator). Any ideas? After this happened, I fully charged it again and let it sit overnight with no load on it and again the battery indicator showed down 20% the next morning. Thoughts?


Yes, you are not turning off your EB70. The battery charge remaining indicator is an approximation and can vary by 20% at each bar segment so It probably is not losing 20% in actuality. Make sure to turn off the EB70S completely before storage to eliminate battery drain. If you want to verify for sure it is completely off and not just in standby, plug in a USB deviceand an AC device to see if it is getting power. If neither of those outputs are live the unit can still be in standby mode which will draw power as well. Hold the AC button for about three seconds to fully turn off.

Thanks Scott. If the led indicator lights for DC and AC are not illuminated, will that also tell me that the system is fully off? I do like the idea of double checking by plugging in devices to ensure, but want to make sure I understand the led function too. Thanks!

No LED lights will illuminate when in sleep mode. It is difficult at times to insure the unit is fully off. The main thing to remember is DO NOT do a short press of the button to turn fully off. Hold the button down for a long press of 3 to five seconds.

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@GregT I purchased some of these for my EB70 to help remind me if I left the power buttons on since the lights can be a little dim, specially if using outdoors…

Great! That is what I was missing. I thought when all lights were out, the system was off. Many thanks.

What a great idea. Thank you for the suggestion!

Greg, be sure to count to five when depressing that button. Scott is speaking from the experience of listening to a lot of us. You DONT know when it is sleeping or off unless you try something. AND if you go several days then the charge level will be too low to accept a charge, leaving you with a completely dead unit that has to be returned.

Will do. I’ll push button for 5 seconds and then also plug something in, to make sure it is off before it goes in storage. Thanks!

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I also noticed this phantom power draw happening with my EB70S. Doing “a long press on the AC or DC button to fully turn off the unit” is a huge tip that should’ve been written in the user manual!

I’m soon to try a third new EB70 as the previous ones self discharged with troubling speed. I explained this to customer services (who sadly are not technically aware) and got nowhere. Now, for the first time, I read (1) you must press and hold the AC button for several seconds to properly turn it off and (2) there’s a huge fluctuation in display accuracy. Are there any other tips to explain what appears to be self discharging problems?

can EB70 connect with the Bluetti app? If it can that might solve the problem.

Hi @echo123 , sorry for inconvenience.
Because EB70 does not have WIFI connectivity, it cannot be controlled with BLUETTI APP.

I also find it amazing that there are not units returned everyday. After 9 months I just experienced this problem. Always before, I would charge the unit after use, and I’m guessing that this fully turned off the unit. I had not used it much the evening before, so did not think there was any need to re-charge. I now know better. After 4.5 hours charging, I’m still only at 60%. Now wondering if I have another problem.