EB70S car charger wattage

Hello everyone!

What sort of wattage will the EB70S get from a car charger?

Might be a dumb question, but what regulates this? Internal circuitry of the EB70S?

My car cigarette lighter port is rated to 15A. I’m hoping to figure out how much the EB70S will chew into this.


The EB70 DC input is limited to 8 amps. So 13v x 8amps will get you around 105 watts. If you go to 24v then you might get the max 200 watts.


Perfect @eric102. Thank you. That should do it!!!

In my testing I have found that 12V (more like 13V actual) chargers at around 80W, while 24V chargers at around 165W. It must have something to do with <100% efficiency of the charging process.


Mine is charging at 95-97 watts at 13 volts/7.5 amps. Checked with an inline watt meter and verified with the EB70’s display.


Good to know. I was using a 12V 8A power adapter so it is pushing out 12V and got just over 80W input indicated on EB70.

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