EB70S AC section says it is shorted

Let me just start by saying I have sent multiple emails and have tried to call the customer support line many times through each transfer line with no success or ability to leave a voicemail. I feel like the customer service line is non-existent and waiting for this long for a response back to my emails is not making me feel confident about my purchase…

Here is the problem. I have been using this battery since the end of March for overlanding/camping, home charging and other purposes. I use it a few times a week and every time I go out into the wilderness. On Tuesday when I fired it back up so I could go out into the wilderness, without there being anything plugged in and with no load, the AC side of the battery told me I have a short. I have tried turning off and then turning on to see if that took care of it. I went through the process/instructions that many people in the forums/YouTube and other resources have mentioned when it came to resetting the unit with no success. The DC side of things work fine and it still charges fine as well. In fact, it is sitting at full right now. I have never let it die and it has never been compromised with heat or other situations that would compromise it as well. I even tried holding down all three buttons based on the instructions a YouTuber got with no success too. Here is what the screen shows me when I did all three buttons at the same time…

I am in need of help to get this back up in running or to send it in for repairs/replacement since I am in need of it very soon for a trip I am taking. Please advise on next steps…

Here is my order information for your reference as well:
Order Placed: March 21, 2022
Amazon.com order number: 113-3943374-2334667
Serial number of product: 20065ZB21500545
Earl Jones

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I have tried to reach out by email, phone calls, joined the Twitter chat feed and tried to join the Facebook page to try and get some help with this problem with zero success. I have been trying to get help since Tuesday and still nothing. Is there no one to help with my problem so I can get this fixed so I can go back to enjoying my purchase???

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