EB70s AC output with SHORT error code

After 4 weeks of normal operation, my EB70s went into SHORT (code error) on the AC output. I can clear that code by turning off AC output but it will reappear in a few seconds if I attempt to turn AC back on.

DC output and the light still work fine. Charging and discharging the unit still work. Anyone has any idea what I can do?

Hi @Vsolar , Have you tried removing all loads and rebooting to see if the error SHORT continues to be reported?
And then load other device to see if it works properly?

Sorry I forgot to provide the rather important detail.

I didn’t have any load plugged in when the SHORT code first appeared.
And the SHORT code would reappear after I turn AC output back on, again, with no load connected.

The unit was close to fully charged when this issue happened.
I have since tried to fully discharge via DC output and recharging it back up to see if that changes anything. no success so far.

Hi @Vsolar , Do you mean that after a reboot, with no load, it will still continue to report the error SHORT right?
Please try rebooting and reloading the device to see if the SHORT error still occurs.
If it still does not work, please contact our support department via service@bluettipower.com for further resolution. Thank you very much for your cooperation

Correct it continues to SHORT after reboot with no load.

I’ve emailed the support department 3 days ago. No response yet.

I am not getting any support via service@bluettipower.com.
And calling the customer service number +1 702-463-4792 was not helping. All of the 3 transfer options when called would say the call can not get through. The phone number is basically unusable.

Has anyone able to get help from BLUETTI support recently?

Hi @Vsolar , Sorry for late reply.
May I know your order number or your email address? It would be easier for me to check with support and prioritize your email. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Hi Bluetti,

Just got a respond from support email to provide my info for RMA process.

In any case, here is my order number: order #: BLUETTI-US30657 (order data: June 16, 2022)

It took awhile but was eventually able to get a RMA, shipped the unit, and got a replacement back in a few days. Thanks for the help.

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