EB70S %100 to %0 in cold weather

My EB70s and EB70s both were %100 charged. I plugged my 450w water heater in the AC ports and when I fired it up, the battery level went to 0 and the low battery indicator lit up. This was in cold weather, inside my van, temps were ~ 30 degrees. Anyone have this issue? There was nothing else plugged into the battery at the time, and it happened on both my EB70 and EB70s which were side by side. Nothing is wrong with the water heater either.

Try warming them up to a higher temp and see if the issue goes away. If it does, you are outside of the acceptable temperature operational limits. I will take quite awhile to warm the batteries.

Thanks for the response. I figured it was due to the temps. I’ve been in colder weather where the water lines froze in side and didn’t have an issue, but I was using lower watts at the time. So maybe trying to use a higher watt appliance, on the cold batteries is not acceptable.