EB70 with Duxtop Induction Cooktop - a report

OK, so for Father’s Day, I received a Duxtop Induction Cooktop, model BT-200DZ. It is one of the more expensive Duxtop models, but got a pretty good deal out of Amazon Renewed. The feature we wanted most with the EB70 was the power settings increment by 1/2 unit, so can be adjusted finely.

Today I put water in a pan, and tested with the EB70, and found that so long as you keep the power level at 4.5 or below, the watts used cycles up and down, to a high of about 760-780 watts, without any overload on the EB70. The achieved temp on the water is about 160-170 degrees F.

Boosting the power setting to 5.0 or above results in the cycling turning off and a continuous draw at about 760 watts, which will run for perhaps 3-4 minutes, then an overload results on the EB70.

I was able to achieve a boil of sorts, in that there were bubbles coming to the surface and doing some “rolling” with my infrared reading 190-195, and a cheap meat thermometer reading 180-185 at the highest achieved temp. with a glass lid on the pot.

Obviously, with denser food in the pot, conditions will vary, but I suspect that meats cooking at 140-160 range, and veges at 180-190 range would be quite achievable.

This is my first experience with an induction cooktop, and I am really impressed when plugged into regular AC here at the house at how quickly things come up to temp. Whether this is the best usage of the EB70 is in the eye of the beholder…I think the mini 3 quart Instant Pot is likely the winner here.

Next up, ordered and will be testing a low power AC mini drip coffee pot that a fellow on YouTube discussed.


@whmccr8 thanks for sharing this man! Yea aren’t those induction burners pretty badass!?!? I think I’ll always prefer gas for cooking and controlling the heat, probably just my “old school” roots with sauté/grill stations but I absolutely love using induction burners for our omelette stations and portable expo stations. They just are soo easy to maintain and clean too!

Again thanks for sharing this and look forward to seeing your future kitchen use results!

There is a n inexpensive B&D coffee maker with no hot plate that works perfectly with the EB70. Uses around 650w and can accommodate a 20oz double walled stainless steel mug easily.