EB70 Wireless Port stopped working

Hi everyone,

About 20 days ago I got a Bluetti EB70 (EU version). As I am from Ukraine and we have frequent electricity shutdowns, I was using this station every day and was pretty happy about it.

Then, suddenly, today my wireless charger stopped working, though I wasn’t using it that often. I just left my phone on wireless charge for about 10 minutes, and when I came back the wireless charge wouldn’t work anymore. Furthermore, now when I turn the DC output on the station starts to make a rhythmic clicking sound (like mechanical clocks, but a bit faster), and it feels like the sound comes directly from the wireless charging port. I haven’t heard this sound before and it does not appear when I switch the AC output on.
All other ports are working fine, except wireless.

It’s a new unit, using it for less than a month, and I already have this problem, that’s a bit disappointing :(

Does anyone know what may have caused the issue and what can be done to fix it? Does anyone else had any problems with a wireless port?

Maybe it’s important to note that the same day after the wireless port broke I tried use a flashlight while my DC output was ON, and it didn’t work properly. Flashlight was shortly blinking every ~3 seconds.
Though, switching OFF and ON the DC output solved the issue with the flashlight and it haven’t appeared again. So not sure if this related to my issue with the Wireless Charger in any way and my problems are much deeper, or I just got an independent random bug.

Still looking for solution to fix my wireless charger, haven’t found any info in the internet

I have the same issue with my EB70. I’ve been using it for 2 months. Today noticed that LED lamp (flashligh) doesn’t work. It appeared that DC output and flashlight don’t work at the same time. When DC is on, flashligh is off, green led on the flashligh button does work, but flashligth doesn’t. When I switch off DC, LED lamp starts working just fine. Also wireless charging stopped working. Previously it was fine and worked great with iPhone 12 and air pods.
I’ve tried to “reset” the device holding AC/DC/LED lamp buttons but it didn’t help. I can’t charge it to 100% now, but I’ll try and report the result later.
If anyone encoutered the same problem please help.
Stay safe

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Oh, so I am not alone!
Luckily, issue with DC/flashlight haven’t occurred again, flashlight works fine for me, but seems like it is a bigger issue than just wireless port, probably something wrong with the DC module itself.
Do you also hear quite clicking noise when DC is on?

No, I don’t have any clicking sound from the device itself. The only sound is from charger brick when it’s plugged in to an outlet.
Also, I had a possibility to discharge it to 0 and charge to 100. It didn’t fix th issue. Flashlight still doesn’t work and the same time with DC. And wireless changer doesn’t work as well.

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