EB70 Wireless charging systematically stops working after a 2-3 minutes

Hi Guys,

I just got my new EB70 (yes) but after fully charging it today, I simply tested
its wireless charging capabilities with my samsung S9+ (that is used to be charged this way)
and it did not go well.

As I put my mobile phone in place on the top of the EB70 it starts charging properly
with the OUTPUT WATT meter on the EB70 front panel going up from 7W to 13W in about 60sec, which is great. But, a couple of minutes later the EB70 systematically stop charging.

If I move my mobile a bit it comes back again, charging for a few minutes at a time before stopping on its own (while my mobile is far from being fully charged), and EBC 70 DC led is green.

I tested this many times without any success :

  • with and without Cover on my mobile phone
  • with and without DC LED Green
  • with and without ECO mode set (although should not have any impact on DC)
  • with and without power supply connected

Is this a common issue ?
Any idea how to fix this as this is very flickery whatever position I choose for my mobile phone…


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I haven’t had any issues charging my iPhone 12 Pro using the wireless pad and the EB70. Maybe try putting a load on the unit and draining it until it shuts off completely… recharge the EB70 thru AC until 100% and try it again?? Sometimes these units need a good complete cycle to “reset” things.

Hi grey,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please make sure you have done the following things before you charge your mobile phone.

  1. turn on DC
  2. remove your phone’s case
  3. Put your device straightly at the center of the charging area.
  4. try to find the right angle.
    And see if it charges.

I second @m.briney suggestion. Sometimes a “reset” can make it get back on track. Please also try @m.briney’s method.

If the above does not still make it work, please record a video showing the problem and send it to our customer service at: sale@bluettipower.com
or service@bluettipower.com


I tested the wireless charging on my EB55 for the first time yesterday during a six hour blackout. After powering the DC output, I set my Samsung Galaxy S20 on the top and it was charging with only 4 W (0.8 A) for hours until it was at 100%. I did the same for my wife’s S20 and it did the same. So the secret for the operation is to power on the DC output. I could have used a USB cable for charging, too, and do both phones at the same time.


I did charge with the phone case on it.