EB70 User Manual

Does anyone know where can I get a user manual. The one that came with the product is lacking. There is no instructions on how to use the wireless charger on the top. I searched Bluetti.com & Bluetti Power.com with no luck.

Thank you in advance

New EB70 User

The wireless charger operation is used simply by pressing the “DC” button on the EB70 front panel and placing the device on top of the charger. Some accessory cases may interfere with wireless charging and have to me removed in some circumstances. Your device does of course have to be capable of accepting wireless charging.

I typed “Bluetti EB70” in google and it directed me to the Bluettipower.com website and to the EB70 product which included the link to the EB70. The manual however appears to be the same as the one included with the EB70

The link for the EB70 manual is: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0536/3390/8911/files/EB70-Manual-EN.pdf?v=1619170785

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is it possible to connect the EB70 to the App interface Bluetti iphone version ? or is just for other models bluetti ?
thanks in advance

Not possible for the EB70 series. Only the latest AC200Max and 300 series have app connectivity.

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Hi EB0wner39,

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Here is the EB70S’s user guide, please kindly check.

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Hi flambe75,

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Sorry that only the AC200MAX, AC300, EP500/Pro are now possible to connect the Bluetti app.

@BLUETTI Is there an instruction for the non-S EV70, the one on the website doesn’t have too much info (e.g. no info on max current for solar input)? Here in Canada, we can only buy the non-S version. I know the inverter is only 700W vs 800W, what else is different about it? Should I buy the EB70 now, or wait for the EB70S in Canada?

Yes, EB70’s instruction is here

Except for the wattages, the differences are the ECO mode, dedicated indicator lights, and the noise of the fan.
EB70S will be available around the middle of December in Canada. If you don’t want to buy the EB70, you can consider the EB70S.

Can you tell me more about the difference in ECO mode and noise of the fan? I guess the indicators lights are brighter as they are rather dim on the EB70.

  • Is ECO mode not available in EB70? Or does it operate differently, if so how? If I understand it, ECO mode usually turns off the power if the power output is less than a certain amount.
  • Fan, what changed with the fan? Is this the fan on the unit? Or is this the fan on the power adapter? I recalled that the power adapter fan on the EB70 is always on and pretty loud. Did that change for the EB70S?
  • Does the screen of the EB70S stays on for longer?

Hi snowstorm,

Sorry, please forget what I said yesterday.
The differences are the noise of fan, dedicated indicator lights, the time for screen display and the wattages.

  1. No, ECO mode is available in EB70. There is no difference about the ECO mode.
  2. The fan is on the power adapter. The noise of the fan will be weaker than before.
  3. Yes, the screen of the EB70S stays on for longer.
  4. The AC/DC indicator lights become larger and brighter, making it much easier to see.

So far with my EB70/EB70S comparison I’ve not noticed any difference in the fan noise between the two units. The power adapters are loud and they never shut off where as the internal fans are fairly quiet and only come on under higher loads or during charging.

The button lights are brighter which is a welcome improvement.

The only improvement in screen time is when the units are completely off and you want to check the battery level with a quick button push. On the 70 it only stays on for a few seconds where as on the 70s it remains on considerably longer. When the units are on or charging the screen times are identical.

I never use eco mode so can’t comment on that feature other than both have it.

The inverter does indeed work up to 800 watts for longer than I’d ever want it to (over 5 minutes tested). On the earlier 70 it will shut down in the low 700’s.